Blog on Life 532 Essential cosmetic protocol by AROLAB Organic product review

Product review: 532 Essential cosmetic protocol by AROLAB Organic

A collaborative product review with AROLAB Organic. The 532 Essential cosmetic protocol has been tried in order to share a comprehensive product review.

I have had the opportunity to discover the brand AROLAB Organic and try their 532 Essential cosmetic protocol products for myself. I honestly first thought this would be a straightforward product review, yet I ended up being taken into an entire experience which I am eager to share with everyone. Before I get to the actual product review, I will first speak about the architect behind the brand and you will soon understand why this was more than just a product review.

AROLAB Organic by architect Luca Lancini

Luca Lancini is the founder and architect behind AROLAB Organic. His expertise in sustainable architect has branched out into eco-vegan and luxury cosmetics products. After learning of Luca Lancini’s background, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to ask further questions:

Even before starting AROLAB Organic, the creator had already chosen the path of living life in a sustainable manner. When was the moment that Luca Lancini realized that he wanted to walk the path of sustainability?

While still studying architecture in Milan, Luca Lancini converted to Buddhism in September 1992. Deepening the principles of this philosophy, he has discovered the concept of Esho Funi, which describes the unity of every form of life with its environment. This year, the Earth Summit was held in June in Rio de Janeiro, from which the sustainability movement began. This allowed him to start studying many publications and texts about sustainability and how to apply it to architectural spaces. 

Since then, Luca has promoted sustainability as a concept and opportunity that allows us to reconnect with the life around us because, with it, we create an indissoluble unity.  Sustainability is not only an approach that was taken on towards a career. It had become a life principle of Luca Lancini, which was reflected upon anything and everything he approached.

Humanity has placed itself above all, yet still is part of nature. Whether we have earned that place is yet to be seen, however, in the meanwhile, we must also take on the responsibility to protect the environment we find ourselves in and all those who depend on it.

It is truly rare to find a brand that has not only spoken of our human responsibility towards the environment but has actually acted upon those words. In the past few years, we have heard of companies planning to move towards a sustainable and responsible approach in production, and yet so few have actually made those changes. Luca Lancini may possibly be ahead of time in his way of thinking, yet it is for people like him that have actually decided to start paving the way, rather than simply talking about it, that we may just start seeing life truly begin to change.

Sustainability is based on three pillars: society, the environment and the economy. A project that takes into account only society and the economy and forgets the environment, is a suicide project, one that takes into account the economy and the environment and forgets society ends up being dictatorial, while one that does not consider the economy and takes care only of the environment and society, is a beautiful utopian proposal.

We need an adult economy, an economy that remembers its interconnection with everything that essentially allows its existence, a responsible economy, which does not outsmart the limits of consumers, but proposes a sustainable model from an environmental, social and financial point of view; in other words, a circular economy at 360 degrees.

AROLAB Organic

The concept of luxury products goes beyond just an excellent concept of branding. High-end products stand out not only for their quality but also for a certain spark that only such a brand manages to manifest. For some, it is their historic craftsmanship and for others, it is a concept that they developed. Ultimately, a true luxury product is one that does not simply sell a brand, but a philosophy.

In a world that is overabundant with all sorts of products and mass production, it is rare to find a luxury brand that meets the requirements to be considered high-end. AROLAB Organic certainly qualifies for the title of a high-end luxurious cosmetic brand. In short, the brand reflects its philosophy on sustainability from beginning to end.

We need to redefine the concept of luxury as that product or service that provides a value that exceeds its physical characteristics or its symbolic exclusivity. True luxury cannot respond only to the interests of its customers and producers, but must consider society, the environment and all other life forms.

So, how does an architect decide to dive into the field of cosmetics? This certainly was my next question:

Luca Lancini comes from an architectural background, what made him want to turn towards the market of beauty products 6 years ago?

Applying the concepts of sustainability means being more aware of our lives’ environmental impact on the environment. Trying to reduce the effect of his own life, Luca converted to veganism more than a decade ago and stopped using all kinds of products that came from exploiting animals. 

During this process, he has realised that if vegan products were to be truly competitive, they should be of higher quality and design and provide more value. For a vegan and organic product to be truly sustainable, it must also offer quality, utility, effectiveness. If something does not fulfil its function, utility, and durability 100%, it would have been better not to produce it. For this reason, he decided to create a team of experts and develop AROLAB organic and the concept of philanthropic luxury.

AROLAB Organics produce, package, and wrap every product individually in Barcelona. Their products are made from over 90% organic ingredients, carefully crafted recipes by international and multidisciplinary experts, to deliver products that are effective to all skin types. Yet the philosophy of sustainability and interconnectedness does not stop there. It continues to the bottles in which the products are kept, to the product packaging, and even to the packaging used for delivery.

All materials used in the packaging are of natural composition, yet also keeping in mind that during delivery, the temperature change can affect the product itself. All aspects from the initial recipes to the delivery of the product have been considered, all the while keeping in mind to not cause harm at any given stage.

We have to think about all the members of our society, incorporate social sustainability, a characteristic any quality product that sets a path and arouses a greater purpose, beyond its physical characteristics, should have.

AROLAB Organic also sponsored a virtual space that aims towards promoting projects that share their philosophy. Visit Beauty Consistency to learn more about the concept of beauty with values.

532 Essential cosmetic protocol

The 532 Essential line of products are all handmade. This was to ensure the protection of all ingredients from any aggressive industrial processes that would compromise the effectiveness as well as the quality of the product.

The 532 Essential cosmetic protocol is suitable for a variety of skin types. Unlike other brands that produce individual products for different skin types, AROLAB Organics has taken a different approach to individuality. There is a formula in which one must follow a specific combination of mixing a certain amount of the nourishing lipophase and the moisturizing hydraphase, based on their skin type, both for the mornings and evenings.

The exterior packaging used for delivery is an isothermal box filled with recycled ecological cork from Girona wineries. Providing both safety for the product and without being an ecological hazard.

Blog on Life 532 Essential cosmetic protocol by AROLAB Organic packaging

The 532 Essential cosmetic protocol is a combination of a Nourishing Lipophase and a Moisturizing Hydraphase, to be used together. There are only 500 produced and they come in limited edition boxes that are signed by Karenina Fabrizzi, an Argentinian painter. The boxes themselves are hand-made in Cadiz with the interior folded and with no use of glue. Inside, there is a divider made from recycled plastic.

Blog on Life 532 Essential cosmetic protocol by AROLAB Organic Karenina Fabrizzi

My experience with the 532 Essential cosmetic protocol was a surprising one. On good days my body, especially my skin is very quick and adaptive in deciding whether a product is suitable or not. During Autumn it does just that, but with even more intensity, as it is extra sensitive to everything it comes in contact with. After the first application of the 532 Essential Cosmetics Protocol in the evening, my skin did not feel cool or tingling (which is usually how it feels after applying anything on it during this time of year). I never thought I would ever be able to say this, but I truly felt my skin nourishing itself. I then proceeded to wait until the morning, as my skin usually gets oily on the T zone in the morning. I was surprised to see that not only was there no oily residue, but the skin felt just as nourished as when the 532 Essential cosmetic protocol was applied the evening before.

Blog on Life 532 Essential cosmetic protocol nourishing lipophase moisturizing hydraphase

Overall review on 532 Essential cosmetic protocol by AROLAB Organic

I continued to follow the instructions for normal combination skin by applying 4 pumps of the moisturizing hydraphase combined with 2 pumps of the nourishing lipophase in the mornings. In the evenings, applying 3 pumps of the moisturizing hydraphase combined with 3 pumps of the nourishing lipophase. After just 3 mornings and 3 evening applications, my skin was fully restored.

I experienced no irritation, no excess oiliness, or any sort of discomfort. The dosage for the skin type was very precise for my skin type, leaving no excess or residue, which was very impressive.

AROLAB Organics is without any doubt a luxury brand. Their exquisite high-quality products, thoughtful product presentation, and packaging are peaks of an iceberg that is built on a very deep meaning. The philosophy that gave birth to these products touches on every aspect of our lives and makes one really think about the way humanity has lived so far and the choices that we are capable of making today to create a very different tomorrow.


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