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7 Summer makeup tips

Makeup and summer is always a tough combination, which is why I want to share 7 summer makeup tips to help keep that makeup in place. Summer’s humidity and heat (depending on where you are), can become especially hard to handle especially with heatwaves. There have been articles and memes about how women battle to keep their makeup in place during summer. People keep asking me what it is I do that my face remains in place and doesn’t melt off (even when I swim) and I thought it was a good time for me to share some of my tips… actually just one; layering.

Layering was something I came across back in the day when I was learning about theatrical makeup. In most cases people use professional stage makeup so when performers are on stage, with the very hot lights pointed at them, their makeup wouldn’t melt off. I was never a big fan of stage makeup products as they do feel quite heavy on the skin and usually take some time to take off. I was faced with a project in which I had to turn a 16-year-old female with a round face, into a 70-year-old man with a sloppy face. I decided to avoid stage makeup and experimented with my own everyday makeup items (items used: eyebrow pencils, foundation, base powder, and 2 blushers) and it worked! The reason why I mentioned the above, was because this was what gave me an idea of what to do regarding my daily makeup in summer, this is why I’ve decided to include it in my 7 summer makeup tips.

7 Summer makeup tips

1. Avoid applying makeup outside

When applying makeup, you want to do so in a cool environment, to avoid the pores of your face opening up and get clogged with the cosmetic products. If your face tends to heat up or sweat, try getting a clean face towel, place it in the freezer for about 20 mins, and just place it over your face before applying any creams or makeup. The towel will help remove any excess sweat or oils, close off any pores which may be open, and cool off your face.

You can also opt to apply makeup with a fan directed towards you, to keep the cool air directed on your face. This also helps the cream and makeup to settled on your skin faster.

2. Avoid applying heavy and oily foundation as a base

Since summer is hot enough as it is, the last thing you want to do is apply a heavy and oily foundation as a base. For this point, my summer makeup tip is that it is okay not to overload your face. If you have dry skin, or possibly post sunburnt skin, you can apply a thin layer of high factor sunscreen. Make sure not to apply too much, if you plan to apply makeup products on top. Once the sunscreen cream is applied, give it time to get absorbed by your skin.

Once the sunscreen has been absorbed, dab a little base powder using the wide and loose foundation brush. Apply powder on all the sections where the sunscreen has been applied. Be careful not to put too much powder, to avoid getting a crusting layer or a totally white face.

Next, you can apply your foundation or/and concealer. Once again, you may want to go for a thinner layer than usual, because you will be applying 2 layers.

  • I am pretty old school and use my fingers for applying foundation. I find that brushes and especially sponges tend to absorb a lot of the product and don’t seem to settle on the skin naturally. If you apply foundation with your fingers, smoothen it lightly on the skin. You may want to dab the foundation on the main areas and then using circular movements, spread it out evenly. Once the first layer is applied, use the base powder again. Make sure to dab the powder lightly, so it settles on the skin as naturally as possible. By this point, you may be happy with the texture and colour of your face, in which case you may proceed with the rest of the makeup. In case there are spots or dark circles which you would like to cover up, then apply concealer or foundation just on those areas.
  • I know that some women don’t like to use concealer. We all have 2 shades of foundation at home, one for winter and one for summer. The winter one is the lighter one since our skin would be least tanned during the winter season. My suggestion is to use a little bit of the foundation you would normally use during winter, instead of the concealer. Once again, do not put too much, so you won’t end up with a cake face. After, apply a thin layer of base powder with a dabbing movement. I don’t use waterproof makeup or any face sprays. I always like to find new ways of using the products I already have. If the quality of products is good, then you can always find different ways of using them and making them work.

3. Layering works magically for the eyes when applying eye shadow

Number 3 of the summer makeup tips, once again, layering works magically for the eyes. I usually use between 4 to 8 different eye shadows, although the final result looks as though I haven’t used more than 2. The beautiful trick for layered eye shadow is that the more tones you use, the deeper the final result looks. Make sure to stick to tones from the same pallet and do not apply all the colours in one and the same area.

You may go very wide with base shades, which barely show on their own. The closer you move to your top eyelash; the colours can get darker. This way, the colours blend in nicely and you end up applying several colours on top of each other, which makes the eye shadow last longer.

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4. Using eyeliner

Eyeliner is tricky for summer, especially oily eyeliner as it tends to have trouble settling on the eyes in the heat. What I do is use the MAC Contrast eye shadow.

I only put a line as thin as possible with the use of the eyeliner blender brush. This sort of eye shadow lasts very long and does not smudge easily. I then apply a very thin line of liquid eyeliner, using the L’Oreal Super Liner on top of the eye shadow. The contrast eye shadow acts as a base for the eyeliner. The eye shadow serves as a border between the liquid eyeliner and the skin, which allows the eyeliner to stay in place for longer.

5. Base powder use

Finally, keep in mind that the reason makeup doesn’t stay on your face in summer as long as it stays in cooler weather is that the heat causes you to sweat more, which automatically pushes all that makeup which you apply. If you want it to last, you need to make sure to apply enough to keep the makeup from being pushed off.

The base powder allows you to apply several layers, without them feeling too heavy on your skin or becoming like a crusting layer. Make sure to use the base powder as a divider between layering. The compact foundation is much thicker and it leaves a colour, unlike the base powder which has a very soft texture and is colourless.

6. Use scrubs and exfoliators

Please, also keep in mind to use scrubs and exfoliators more regularly than you do during cooler seasons, to make sure to keep those pores clean.

7. Remove your makeup at the end of the day

Although this is number 7 for the summer makeup tips, it is actually my number one tip for summer makeup tips.

If you have any summer makeup tips of your own you would like to share, comment below.


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Jessica Carter June 22, 2018 - 11:21 am

Hi, very nice information about oily foundation ( 2nd topic , actually many people using oily foundation in summer and then they got black heads. I seen many people still using oily foundation but they have no idea what to do. So I suggest use base powder in summer.

Inna June 25, 2018 - 12:53 pm

Hi Jessica,
Thank you for your comment :) I totally agree with you. The base powder is definitely one of those products which has multiple uses and most importantly, is so easy on the skin. It is one of my favourite products to use.


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