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3 Alternative ways to make money

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Covid19 has shaken the world in many ways, one of which has led people to look for alternative ways to make money. Back at the start of 2020, very few of us could have anticipated what the following months would hold for us. By March, a worldwide pandemic had taken a grip on most of our lives. Governments set strict stay-at-home rules to slow and minimize the spread of coronavirus and Covid-19 and most of our day-to-day schedules changed. Rather than the usual commute, work for adults, and schooling for kids, only essential workers were being sent out to work, and schools in many countries were closed. This has helped everyone to get a grip on the virus, but it has had a major economic impact. Countless businesses have gone under. Countless people have lost their jobs. Many who have been able to keep a hold of their jobs are operating on reduced hours or a completely reduced income. This means that many of us are finding alternative ways to generate an income that will prevent us from slipping into debt and other forms of financial trouble. If you’re in this boat and are looking for some ways to make a little extra money, here are some suggestions that could help you get by.

3 Alternative ways to make money

1. Consider key worker roles

The job market is looking relatively scarce right now, with fewer businesses than usual looking to recruit. This means there may not currently be roles in your preferred field. However, there are companies that need more workers right now. These tend to be in the essential roles that have kept running throughout the entire pandemic. While these might not be what you’d usually look at, they could provide you with the funds to keep yourself going until the job market does become more lively again. Consider supermarkets or grocery store work. Consider picking fruit or vegetables for farmers. Whatever’s available, apply, and take it.

2. Try stocks and shares

Although stocks and shares are not totally new, they have been kept within a circle of people who dedicate their entire careers to them. Today, however, things have changed on this front, and stocks and shares have become more accessible to the general public and for anyone interested to find alternative ways to make money. Most of us would be hesitant to get involved in stocks and shares. We tend to think of Wall Street bankers shouting loudly down the phone and throwing papers around. But the truth is, anyone can get involved. There are a number of different markets that you can choose from, ranging from the standard stock market to Forex Trading, options, and CFD. You can also get plenty of practice by using stock simulators, which allow you to trade on the market in real-time but with fake money. You don’t get to keep earnings but you can’t lose anything either.

3. Create a freelance portfolio

If you have a skill that you can profit from on a freelance basis, try to create a portfolio of clients. Advertise your skills and see if anyone needs one-off projects completed. Digital nomads are not new to us, but not many have looked into how these people get to live where they want and work remotely. Today the entire world is functioning online and unlike any time before, we no longer need to imagine working virtually but get to experience it ourselves. A portfolio of your skills can help you place what you know how to do and what you love doing out there for those who are seeking to pay for such work.

These are just a few potential opportunities for you during these trying times. If there was ever a time to get out of your comfort zone and try something new, or something you have always wanted to do but never dared to, this is certainly the time. We don’t know what awaits us, however, we can try new things and in the process, even become creative in finding alternative ways to make money, while the future clears up. Why not give one or two a go and see how you get on? This could really prove to be a good way to make some money that can keep you afloat.

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