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Malta: 5 Coffee spots for coffee lovers

Being a huge coffee fan I’ve decided to share my top 5 coffee spots on the island. My all-time favourite coffee is traditional Turkish coffee, however, for me, coffee isn’t just a beverage. When it comes to picking a coffee shop to go to, it is all about the entire experience and atmosphere. I went ahead and picked out a few places that stood out to me in Malta.

5 Coffee spots in Malta

They are not listed by preference, and each has something different to offer, depending on what you are looking for.

1. Delizie Siciliane

Located in one of Sliema’s little streets, opposite Towers Supermarket is Delizie Siciliane, a cozy coffee shop that may be small but definitely has a lot of character! From their delicious and miniature desserts which look like little pieces of artistry to their rich flavoured coffees. They have quite a selection of coffees to choose from, but 1 in specific won my heart over, there and then, and that would be their iced coffee.

I will attempt to try my best and explain my experience. Imagine if you were to taste a cold drink that is both smooth and thick, yet with no pieces of ice and with the right amount of sugar to intensify the taste of coffee. I’ll be honest, this specific drink tastes more like a dessert than a coffee drink we would expect. It is also the perfect drink for those who need that little caffeine push to keep them going, but they also want something cold and something they can take their time enjoying because although there is ice, the ice does not melt as fast as you would expect it to, which allows the drink to remain in harmony.

Blog on Life Travel Delizie Siciliane Malta Sicilian Coffee
Blog on Life Travel Delizie Siciliane Sicilian Sweets and Iced Coffee

2. Fontanella Tea Garden

Fontanella is a very well-known place located in Mdina. Mdina itself is one of my favourite places on the island. Every time I am there, it is like I enter some other parallel life that co-exists close to ours. This tea garden to me is a must every time I am in Mdina, it is the ‘cherry on the cake’ of the entire Mdina experience.

There is a variety of food options, desserts, and drinks from teas, coffees to smoothies. Part of my Mdina experience is sitting at Fontanella, taking in the beautiful view and having a cappuccino with a slice of their famous chocolate cake. I am not a big fan of chocolate cake, as it usually seems to be pretty heavy but this cake is something out of this world. Whenever I make my order, I can barely sit still waiting for this slice of heaven to arrive.

Blog on Life top 5 coffee spots Travel Fontanella Top Caffes Malta

3. Kefa Kafe

Kefa Kafe was a new spot that I checked out recently, and I am so glad I did! Located in the center of Naxxar, this little cozy coffee shop makes you feel at home the moment you begin to approach the entrance. Steve, the owner is very knowledgeable on the subject of coffees and teas and is extremely kind and makes you feel like you have known him for years.

I usually don’t place a personal feeling of comfort on my checklist for businesses, as it would probably be a very tough point to check off the list, but this coffee spot definitely deserves this point. I went ahead and had a double espresso and an iced coffee. The espresso was not as I expected. Steve goes over and beyond in choosing the coffee beans to serve his clients and you can taste that with every sip. His selection of beans for the espresso left me questioning what I drank all these years before? It contained the intensity of the espresso, the deep scent of the espresso but no bitter after taste? Least to say, I was impressed.

Then came the turn for the iced coffee… Once again, Steve continued to impress. The iced coffee was a nice light drink, carrying just a slight taste of coffee with a mix of thick almond milk. This is a perfect refreshment drink for anyone who may not like coffee as much or anyone who may not want an intense drink. By the way, should you visit this little ‘home away from home’, make sure to ask Steve how he came about naming his coffee shop.

Blog on Life Travel Kefa Kafe Iced Coffee with Almond Milk Malta
Blog on Life Travel Kefa Kafe Naxxar Coffee Double Espresso

4. Caffe Pascucci

You guys have probably seen several of these cafes across the island. My favourite Caffe Pascucci is the one located in Paceville, St. Julians. I personally try to avoid Paceville at all costs, however, this cafe has managed to make me look forward to going to that area. The reason being is that it is an ‘all-in-one’ spot. You can literally spend your entire day there. They have a selection of food and sweets together with wine, cocktails, teas, and coffees.

This café is pretty spacious and is very light, as it has glass all around allowing light in from 2 sides. They have all sorts of seating, from outdoor furniture to chairs, poofs, and sofas inside. It allows you to peacefully work isolated from all your surroundings, as well as have meetings and social gatherings.

Blog on Life Lifestyle Travel Pascucci Best Coffee Malta

5. Caffe Berry

To conclude my top 5 coffee spots on the island, I present to you Caffe Berry. It is located in the a side road of Triq Manwel Dimech, Sliema. This little coffee shop allows visitors to enter into a whole new world of coffee, which is how this little coffee spot is on my top 5 Coffee spots list! With their special selection of coffees which are presented together with natural hazelnut or pistachio pastes, it is no wonder how they are one of my favourite spots on the island.

Pistachios, which are grown in Sicily and processed into a rich and thick pistachio paste in Rome, then brought over to our island to be, generously spread on the inner surface of your cup before your hot coffee is poured in. Honestly, it is a fantastic combination. When you drink your well-roasted brew and as you take that sip, the beverage meets a natural pistachio or hazelnut paste, your taste buds end up experiencing a whole new taste.

The paste on its own is delicious, and you are always given a spoon to scoop out anything of it that is left behind after you finish your drink. It is hard to say whether it is the drink or the scooping which I enjoy the most, but either way, it is definitely an experience.

Blog on Life top 5 coffee spots Travel Caffe Berry Malta Coffee Shop
Blog on Life top 5 coffee spots Travel Caffe Berry Coffee with Pistachio Paste

Feel free to share your favourite coffee spots in the comment section.


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