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The Maltese Islands: Comino & the Blue Lagoon

Comino is the smallest and yet serves as the perfect place if you have about a day that you just want to tune out from all that’s familiar and simply enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and be isolated from everything and everyone.

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Comino – The sister island of Malta

Comino or Kemmuna, was known as Ephaestia, is a small island that forms part of the Maltese Islands. It got its name after the cumin seed that once grew on the Maltese Islands and is located between Malta and Gozo. Currently, there is a population of 3 people on the whole of 3.5 square kilometers of Comino. Administratively, it falls under the municipality of Ghajnsielem, Gozo.

Getting to Comino

There are several options to get to Comino by boat. There are ferries that leave every 25 to 35 minutes from Cirkewwa in Malta and Mgarr in Gozo to go to Comino. If you have a private boat, you can also use the boat to get there. There are also the Maltese Islands tours if you wish to simply have a boat tour.

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During the Romans, the island was inhabited by farmers and throughout history, it had times when it was populated, owned privately, and abandoned. During the Middle Ages, it was popular with pirates and marauders. In 1285, the island was the home of Abraham Abulafia, an exiled Jewish prophet, and Kabbalist. It was here where he wrote his “Sefer Ha-Ot”, “The Book of the Sign”, as well as his last work “Imre Shefer”, “Words of Beauty”. The Knights of St. John used Comino as hunting grounds and for recreational activities. At that time, they were protective of the local game, mainly wild boar and hares, and poachers were heavily convicted for up to three years as galley slaves. Comino was also used for imprisonment or exile of errant knights during the 16th and 17th centuries, in the St. Mary’s Tower in Comino. During the French occupation, Comino was turned into a quarantine and isolation hospital.

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Comino does not have many structures. There is St. Mary’s Tower, which dates back to 1416, which was built by Alfonso V of Aragon for signaling in case of invasion. The Comino chapel, which is dedicated to the Holy Family Upon its Return from Egypt, built in 1618, and was enlarged in 1667 and in 1716. It was first dedicated to the Annunciation. St. Mary’s Battery, built in 1716 together with various other batteries that were being built along the coast of the sister islands, Malta and Gozo. The Battery houses two 24-pound iron cannons and is well preserved. St. Mary’s Redoubt was an additional structure for defense which was also constructed in 1716 and was later demolished. The Knights of St. John also constructed barracks on the island which were later used as an isolation hospital.

The Blue Lagoon in Comino

The Comino hotel was built in the 1960s, post World War 2. Comino is the third island after Malta and Gozo by size and to date has a population of 3. You can also find bungalows for rent by the Santa Marija bay. The Comino local police station is located between the Comino chapel and the bungalows.

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The Blue Lagoon in Comino

Comino is well known to many people because of the Blue Lagoon. It has become a very well-known location amongst tourists as it was the location where Hollywood film; Troy (2004) featuring Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, and Orlando Bloom, was shot. Its crystal blue waters and the incredible shade of blue are not to be missed. Another film that was shot in Comino is; Swept Away (2002) featuring Madonna and Adriano Giannini. Comino may be the smallest island From Malta and Gozo, but it certainly has a lot of character.


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