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Coronavirus taught us life online

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The way that technology has advanced has already introduced us to many different ways of using the online world. However, the coronavirus taught us life online by forcing us into the virtual space, whether we wanted to or not. From online shopping and prescriptions to working online and communicating with loved ones. To some extent, if it weren’t for the pandemic, online resources and the ability to have a life online may have continued to go unnoticed by us for many more years. There have been many ways that we have had to adapt to the online world a lot faster.

4 Ways the coronavirus has taught us about life online

1. Online shopping

Although online shopping has been around for a long time because so many shops needed to close consumers were pushed to using online for any purchases they needed or wanted to make. And even though online shopping has always been popular, even the largest of organizations have struggled to meet demands alongside the social distancing rules within warehouses, with many having to temporarily close their online sites too. From online grocery shopping or ordering eye contacts through to clothes shopping and house DIY supplies, everything made the move from the stores.

2. Homeschooling

Many students have had to take their studies from the traditional classroom and start to learn at home. Without the internet, this would have been extremely different. Daily there are further education students, school students, college students, and others logging in to complete their work online instead of sitting within a classroom. Homeschooling is again, not a new thing it has been an option that many parents have chosen for the children, so will this encourage more to take the leap and continue to teach at home with the use of online? Has the pandemic created a ripple effect in the educational system that will continue to grow and create unlimited options for those who may choose to continue their life online rather than traditional schooling?

3. Keeping in touch

The traditional way to keep in touch back in the day was to write a letter, speak on the telephone or visit someone in person. Nowadays people were already using online as a way to keep in touch with loved ones as well as visiting regularly, however, coronavirus has forced us to spend a large chunk of time away from those who we care about the most. We have now moved to talk on tools like zoom, Messenger Facetime, and video calls. Or catching up and sharing on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok.

4. Working from home

Although working from home was becoming more popular, a large chunk of working people is now working from home unexpectedly. The coronavirus has made it so that it is much safer and advised to work from home wherever possible. Whether you wanted to try working remotely or not this has given you the opportunity to test it out. Just bear in mind that this experience may be more fast-paced and less organized than it would be if it was preplanned. Maybe once people start to move back to their work they might consider remote working as a more viable option.

These four ways that coronavirus has taught us by forcing us to have a life online could change the way we live in the future as well as temporarily. Many businesses were already halfway into creating their businesses to be integrated with those who have stepped in to have a life online, however, the pandemic pushed everyone online. This had also forced professionals who normally wouldn’t opt into a life online approach, to become creative and innovative and to enter the virtual world. What do you think? Will you continue any of these once coronavirus has passed?

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