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3 Tips to build customer interaction

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This year has been a particularly tough one for a lot of businesses, which is why customer interaction has become crucial for any business. Sure, some haven’t been that badly affected but if you operate in or around the tourism sector or perhaps hospitality you would have noticed the severe hit a lot of businesses have taken. Some have had to make people redundant while others have unfortunately gone completely bankrupt. It’s why a lot of new businesses and old alike are looking and grasping at ways to survive. Customer interaction is surely one of these.

If you’re a business that speaks to its customers in a visible way, others are more likely to shop with you. Human interaction has always been key in business. With the current measures in place, human interaction has become even more valuable than ever before. It may be just one of the tools available to you, but one certainly worth developing and looking at thoroughly.

3 Tips to help build customer interaction

1. Website

The website is where a lot of interaction takes place. Just think about the number of words the average website throws at its visitors. That’s all interaction. The words need to be punchy. They have to be picked well. Don’t go off on tangents because that’s where you’ll lose people. For further interaction, you might want to consider chatbot integration. You at least need to have a “contact us” page where customers can speak to you or a member of your team if needed. Have a look at what your competitors are doing. This doesn’t mean you have to copy them but simply be informed as to what works and what doesn’t. Interaction here is key. Think of it as your storefront. It has to pull people in and inform them in a succinct way.

2. Social media

Social media has its ups and downs, however, if your audience is using these platforms, then so should you. Consider social media as a readily sorted platform of all potential customers that you simply need to plug into. Just take a look on Twitter and you’ll see countless businesses interacting with customers or those with queries, who could be potential customers. You need to tap into this. Direct customer interaction in this way means you can show people that you’re engaging with them. Show people that you’re listening to what they’re saying. You can pull in more customers this way too but primarily you’re looking to simply show that you’re interacting. If a potential customer sees that you talk to people with a problem or offer answers to those with issues they’ll easily be more likely to trust and purchase from you. Interaction lends confidence, especially if done over a respected medium.

3. Old fashioned methods

A lot of businesses think that the days of handing out leaflets are over. But they aren’t. This is a very basic, yet effective method of customer interaction. If you can give information leaflets out you’ll get more back from your customers. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling on Amazon or working in delivery. Simply pop a leaflet into each package you’re sending out and this way you are introducing something else to your customer. Or you can always ask the customer for a review. You can just leave an email address for them to contact you if there are any problems. There are a few opportunities you can use with leaflets but they’re good ones. It’s easy to attach a simple leaflet with each box. Of course, giving these out in person is also a possibility, you just need to try and target a key demographic.

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