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The flock, peacock & dark horse in society

There are many different groupings intended to help us find our identity within society. In this article, I will be discussing 3 of my own categories of people; the flock, peacock, and the dark horse in society. Unlike many labels and categories, this article is intended to help others realize that as individuals, we come before a label and that we are not here to live our lives trying to fit into a label.

Before I begin, I think it is important to highlight that one does not necessarily need to fit into a description entirely. It is possible to be someone who has traits of one type in one circumstance and another in a different setting. People are, after all, three-dimensional and fortunately or unfortunately for us, one label barely begins to sum our whole existence and the identity of who we are.

The flock, peacock and dark horse in society

The flock

The flock is the only category from the three that represents multiple individuals under one name. Unlike the common saying of ‘birds of a feather, flock together’, in this case, the flock would represent the whole public except for the other two types that will be mentioned later on. For clarification, by using the term flock, it is not suggested that everyone is the same. Just as all birds are not all the same, the term in this article is not focused on a ‘specific type of bird’ but birds in general.

It is important to note that from all three types, it is this type, or shall I say the general public, that holds the most power, to do anything. The famous phrase of ‘power in numbers’ certainly fits perfectly for the flock. This group, compiled of the majority of individuals who together decide what is done today and their combined efforts play a crucial role in the shape of the future.

We live under the impression that certain ideas seem to appear out of thin air and manifest themselves into something popular that bursts into a trend. In reality, if it wasn’t for the flock to accept the idea, trends would have no chance to develop. It is the flock, the majority of our society that fuels something into existence.

Although this group is compiled of many different individuals, don’t mistake this to be the human need for society. Some individuals feel the strength of numbers and choose to be that one element that is part of something big. Just because that individual seems to be just one particle of something large, it is important to note that even the smallest particle plays a role on the whole, regardless of how small or big the flock is.

There will always be the presence of the flock, just like there will be the other two types, within society. However, the biggest struggle of the flock is towards the individual members. Individuals within the flock may face a feeling of dependency on the entire group. This is a feeling that pretty much all of us have experienced throughout our years.

Feeling the support of others adds a certain weight to any achievement, however, it can be a blurry truth when it comes to an individual that may see something very different from all the rest. The strength of the flock is to stick together, so should an individual start seeing things differently, a certain discrepancy may occur. Perception is key. Just because the entire flock does not see things as one individual, it does not mean that the individual is seeing things incorrectly. At such a moment the hardest decision for that individual to make is whether to continue being part of the flock or to begin a journey of their own, whether it is to stand in the spotlight or walk on an unpaved road.

The peacock

The peacock, by nature, has incredibly beautiful feathers and steals the spotlight amongst the rest, yet at its core, it is simply a bird. Those people that fall under the description of a peacock are those that stand out from the public. Whether it is for the work they do, their outgoingness, or for simply being an idol figure. The peacock, being a bird, is one that the flock can identify themselves with. Belonging to the same type of being, peacocks are able to connect to the flock with ease.

It is important not to confuse fame with a peacock. Not all famous and well-known people can be categorized under this heading. This category speaks for those that love standing out and as current trends show, some even make a living out of it. Their easygoing and smooth connection with the public opens doors to place them in the spotlight.

These types of people can be found in many different fields, yet tend to stick to positions that require one person to represent something to the general public. The public familiarize themselves with such people, and working with them helps reach the public. These people are amplifiers and help create a ripple effect, having a natural ability to shine a light on certain concerns or topics at hand.

These people won’t usually be innovators or creators. They tend to use techniques that are bulletproof and that they can rely on. This allows them to focus their energy towards doing what they do best, by using tools and concepts which may not necessarily be innovative but are safe to them.

The peacock and the flock have a certain bond with one another. Those that find themselves under this category, are highly dependable on the flock. Without the flock, the spotlight diminishes. For those that have built a career on their natural ability to connect to the public, it is essential for them to keep up with their audience. One of the biggest struggles for such people is that their lives and work are not only admired and looked up to by the public but are also criticized and personally attacked. The price for the spotlight is that everyone who shines that light will have a personal say on who they shine that spotlight on.

The dark horse

The dark horse is the type that has little to do with the flock or the peacock. The term itself is usually used to describe someone who is known little about and whom the flock would usually never notice or bet on. The name itself is mainly chosen from the meaning of the term, however, the fact that this last category refers to a horse and not a bird (unlike the rest), is no coincidence either. These people are so different from the other two categories, that it seems fitting to give this category a label that refers to a completely different species altogether.

Those that fall under this category are people who seem to be living in what one may call, parallel reality to everyone else. They are innovators and creators; they are self-driven, motivated by self-discovery, and find no value in public opinion towards them or their lives. These people choose to discover a new path rather than to walk on a path that has been created by others. They distance themselves from the rest as they see things on a completely different tangent.

In contrast to the flock and the peacock, who seem to have a connection, the dark horse is isolated. This is not because they are banished by the rest, but because they choose to search for things within, and in doing so, block out everything and everyone from the outside that do not contribute to their goals.

The biggest struggle for the dark horse is that because of their distance from the rest, they find themselves alone. Not to confuse with loneliness, which is not the case as their will to learn and discover, leaves no room for loneliness. These people experience the feeling of being alone, as a lack of support from others. The price a dark horse pays for self-discovery is one of isolation from all the rest. Most of their time they spend understanding concepts and seeing how they can make them work for themselves, yet many times, it is the support of others that are needed to bring their final works to the spotlight.

A mix in society

Society needs each of the three. There will never be a time when one would cease to exist. All three create a certain balance within society. If you see it from a business perspective; the dark horse usually brings new concepts and ideas to life. This would be followed by analyzing current trends and coming up with the best ways to present the concept to the flock, to avoid rejection. The peacock would present the finished concept to the flock and then the flock would make the final decision on whether the concept shall be the next trend. The flock would many times not know of the dark horse that had come up with the concept, but they would know of the peacock that amplified and presented the finished concept. Each plays a crucial role in the balance of all.

It is important to go back to the sentence mentioned in the beginning, that one person does not necessarily need to fit exactly into the mentioned descriptions. Some people exhibit characteristics of one group, whilst many of us seem to have a little of all three and express those roles in certain circumstances, which in itself is pretty remarkable. What is important to note is that none of us were born to fit into a box that was determined by society. Each individual has the right to discover themselves, choose their place, and make their path, keep in mind that the discovery of oneself is a journey between me, myself, and I.

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Dave November 29, 2019 - 3:29 am

Nice article.
I’d be a Dark Horse that gets mistaken for a Peacock at times because of competency. (or so I think, ourselves can be the toughest to read).

Blog on Life November 29, 2019 - 10:03 am

I get what you mean. People in general are more complex than we like to admit, and when you place individual perception of reality into the mix, it’s an endless matrix of possibilities. Unfortunately many tend to perceive others from their own view point, hence where they tend to misconceive another person and it is true, seeing yourself from an outsider’s perception can indeed be tricky!


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