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3 Tips to make hiring process more reachable

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Making your hiring process more reachable in 2020,  is an essential measure of gauging interest and finding the right people. Do not assume that just because people are out of work that they will be tripping over themselves to work for your brand in particular. It’s up to us to make this process easy to engage with but not only that but also friendly for your HR staff.

Hiring staff is an essential component of running a business, or at least, it can be a positive sign of growth. That being said, it’s true that in 2020, all business responsibilities and production requirements have changed, some for the better, some for the worse. We need not discuss the impetus of these changes, as we are all familiar with it by now. So, where do we get started? It’s quite clear that bringing people into your office for interviews may not be the wisest approach right now. Can we pivot our approach? We believe so, and here’s how we define that kind of success:

3 Tips to making your hiring process more reachable

1. Host your own application page

Hosting your own application page can help you accept resumes, optional cover letters, and more information you feel is appropriate from the offset. This can help you avoid having to take your applications from a range of disparate services, resulting in the hiring process more reachable. Developing this functionality can be as simple as curating a web form, and here you can also paste all important information about the job, and who should or shouldn’t apply. This can help you avoid relying on third-party websites you have no control over, and it also helps you ensure the security of your systems.

2. Use hiring & payroll suites

Hiring and cloud payroll suites that serve your HR functionalities can make the recruitment and onboarding processes so much easier to deal with. Not only can they help organize your meetings, job postings, applications, and more, but they can also help remote workers better arrange the application process in light of your firm’s actual requirements. This can save your recruitment staff time, ultimately making the hiring process more reachable and it will also help you effectively tier your application process to weed out the best from those you may not wish to hire. The more effectively this process can be curated, the better.

3. Develop vetted protocols

Developing vetted protocols can work wonders in the long run. Vetting your applicants by performing credit checks, asking for reference information, and double-checking this information can help you save time now and in the future. This doesn’t mean you have to discriminate against employees at all, only that verifying their trustworthiness is likely a good use of your time. If you can establish this requirement, you are sure to move forward with a better idea of the kind of applicant you wish to fast-track, and which ones are less communicative. While unnecessary steps in your process are usually a negative consideration, this can help you to no uncertain end.

A lot has changed in the world in the past year, yet to some extent, this change has also pushed us into utilizing systems and becoming more creative in the old processes we are used to. Making the most of the resources, especially the technological resources we have at our dispense, will help any business process run faster and smoother, with minimal room for faults. With this advice, I hope you can make your hiring process more reachable in 2020. If you have any other ideas, feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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