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Product review: Into the Wild XL by Tesalate

A collaborative product review with Tesalate. The Into the Wild XL beach towel has been tried in order to share a comprehensive product review.

All those who enjoy the sandy beaches during hot summers or a good sweaty workout session in the gym face one issue time and time again; the condition and functionality of the towels you use. For beach-goers, especially when going to a sandy beach, the major problem is the sand that gets everywhere. For those who love the gym, the hygienic aspect of the towel you use during your workout can raise concerns from time to time. Tesalate has addressed the above concerns and others with its innovative beach and workout towels.

Tesalate by Volkan Ozbek and Jacky Lam

The creators of the Australian-designed towels; Volkan Ozbek and Jacky Lam, launched their brand at Bondi Beach Markets back in 2016. Shortly after, with no surprise, their brand expanded to customers in 100 countries within just 2 years. Tesalate has been featured in international media such as; Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Better Homes and Gardens, Buzzfeed, USA Today, Business Insider, The Sun, Daily Mail, Conde Nast Traveller, Travel + Leisure, Reader’s Digest, and many others including TV. The brands’ innovative products have truly hit the center of the concerns shared by many.

Tesalate beach towels

There are a few main components that make Tesalate beach towels stand out from any other towel. It is probably hard to believe a beach experience where the sand doesn’t stick to your towel. Tesalate beach towels are sand-free due to the use of AbsorbLite’s engineering that allows sand to slip off. The beach towels also retain up to a liter of water and are ultra-absorbent.

The product was created to dry in half the time of a normal towel and to also outlive the lifespan of a regular towel. One very noticeable feature is how compact and light Tesalate beach towels are in weight. Apart from the high quality and real functionality of the beach towels, Tesalate has also put thought into making sure to add a hanging hook for customer’s convenience.

The Tesalate beach towels come in 2 sizes:

  • Full-size: 160cm x 80cm
  • Oversized: 160cm x 160cm

There are numerous patterns to choose from for both sizes. The beach towels also have a double-sized pattern, where the second side has the brand’s signature black and white triangular pattern.

Into the Wild XL beach towel

The beach towel came with the beach towel and a complimentary storage pouch to store the product in. The brand’s service and product truly caught me by surprise. From the moment it arrived; which was super-fast, in just a few days, I instantly noticed the careful presentation of the beach towel. Many know that the packaging and presentation of a product to me is just as important as the product itself.

Blog on Life Into the Wild XL beach towel by Tesalate product review

Tesalate certainly lived up to the high standard by carefully packaging the Into the Wild XL towel together with the pouch, into their custom black outer packing. After which, I was instantly presented with the product, information card, and a small note from the Tesalate founders.

Blog on Life Into the Wild XL beach towel by Tesalate Austraslia

Overall review on Into the Wild XL by Tesalate

The beach towel instantly grasped my attention when I held the folded towel. I have never imagined that a 160cm-by-160cm beach towel could be practically weightless. The brand’s innovative focus on sand-free, ultra-absorbance and fast-drying features also passed the test. I know can’t imagine beach days without my Into the Wild beach towel.

It’s one thing when you read about a brand’s product, but it’s not until you try out the product for yourself that your brain begins to comprehend that what was a standard for a beach towel before, wasn’t the only option out there. I must say that Tesalate has without a doubt addressed the common issues with beach towels for every person who loves the beach around the world.

Tesalate provides a stunning collection of designs to choose from, making sure that there is a pattern out there for everyone. Their products make for excellent gifts, as they are not only beautiful but are truly functional, and will surely be appreciated by anyone who enjoys the beach.


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