Blog on Life Beauty Make up Factory Jennifer Dimech and ph. Matthew B. Spiteri

Make up Factory, Jennifer Dimech & Matthew B. Spiteri

A collaborative shoot with Make up Factory, makeup artist Jennifer Dimech and fashion photographer Matthew B. Spiteri.

I had an amazing opportunity to be introduced to a range of great products from the Make up Factory, as well as to work with two talented people who both won awards, in their respective fields, at the Malta Fashion Week 2017.

Collaborative photoshoot with Make up Factory, Jennifer Dimech & Matthew B. Spiteri

The Make up Factory brand

Make up Factory is a German make up brand that was brought to Malta by Diane Nikolic who is a makeup artist, beauty therapist, and managing director at Glow. The brand is against animal testing and is used by professionals as well as all women who wish to use high-end quality products for their daily beauty routine. You can find their products at many locations on the island.

I had the opportunity to take a look and test out pretty much all the products which were present at the Make up Factory store at The Point in Sliema. I was very surprised at the quality of their products, but as many of you may know, I am a huge fan of eye shadow. So naturally, it was the product I just had to check out and write about. I simply loved the quality and texture of their eye shadows. The colours were deep but not heavy, as well as allowing a smooth application, which allows you to not only wear the shades on their own, but they are perfect for blending several shades together.

Makeup artist Jennifer Dimech

Jennifer Dimech was awarded Best Makeup Artist during Malta Fashion Week 2017 and is a well-known face. Jennifer is not only stunningly beautiful but she is also a talented artist, as well as an incredibly kind and open person. I had a true pleasure and honour to have the opportunity to work with her and experience her creating my look from scratch.

For the day of the shoot, I asked Jennifer to create a look for me using products from Make up Factory. But what I also did was not give her any feedback on the look itself. Before Jennifer began to create my look, she noticed something that looked a bit off on my face, the shape of the eyebrows. I have never been too happy about the shape, but I never bothered to go to someone, as I once ended up with thin lines for eyebrows whilst others suggest permanent eyebrow tattoos. So I gave up on this issue and decided it was easier to simply fix them daily while doing my base makeup.  When Jennifer mentioned them to me, I was very surprised as it is something that others never seemed to mention before. She instantly suggested a quick fix, and wow what an incredible fix that was!  She shaped my eyebrows that not only suit me but also add definition to my face. I honestly could not be happier with the result.

I have worked with many makeup artists in the past, and from my experience, many seem to prefer giving me a very natural look, while others tend to use a look that is current. I wanted to give Jennifer the freedom to do as she pleases. She also had no hints or references as to what type of look to go for; whether it was a day look, night look, glam, etc. which is in itself a challenge. The only thing I told Jennifer, was that my skin pretty much absorbs makeup easily, so it will require a heavier application, otherwise, my face became her canvas for this day. I was always interested as to what would a makeup artist envisioned for me if they were to simply work with my facial features. I must say, I was extremely happy with the result.

On Tuesday 5th December 2017 DIZZ Group launched their official Make up Factory outlet at level -2, The Point Shopping Mall, Sliema, together with Jennifer Dimech. During the launch, a new signature look was also introduced, which is available to purchase today. Check out their makeup bags which contain all the products used for the looks represented on the cover.

Blog on Life beauty Make up Factory Jennifer Dimech and Matthew B. Spiteri

Fashion photographer Matthew B. Spiteri

Matthew B. Spiteri was awarded Best Fashion Photographer during Malta Fashion Week 2017. I have been a fan of his work for quite a while. It is not only his knowledge and techniques that I am fond of but also his vision. I have worked with quite a few photographers, and just like in any type of work, there are some people you simply connect with. For me, Matthew’s approach to work and most importantly, the environment during the shoot, is always a perfect sphere to be able to experiment and create something beautiful. Matthew does an incredible job in making sure that the people he works with feel comfortable during a shoot. He allows you to experiment with what you think may work as well as giving you suggestions that will give the best possible result.

In terms of his work, to me, it has the perfect combination of technique and experimentation. There is this presence of thought, regardless of what the concept of the photograph is. To me, this is a slight footprint of the photographer’s imagination and the way he envisions the subject he photographs. And as many of you may know, I am a fan of understanding why and how people may view the same object or situation.

During a photo shoot, you always begin by working out a concept and then make all the elements fit in. But as life happens, your plan and backup plans may simply get scrapped on the day and you may have to improvise and work with what you have. This I find is the moment when you can allow your imagination to run wild and when you have a photographer who is just as passionate about the project as you are, it gives you a sense of support and allows both of you to mix ideas and create some incredible results.


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