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MFWA17 Malta Fashion Week 2017: Day 4 & 5

The time of the year has come for the Malta Fashion Week and Awards. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend all the days and see all the designers’ work, but I will be writing about those shows I managed to be present for.

I would like to start off by thanking Adrian J Mizzi, the man who made Malta fashion week 2017 and all MFWA events a reality. Thank you for the astonishing organization that was put into the fashion week this year. I have personal experience with events and I know that apart from creating a great concept there are a million obstacles that one has to face in order to get to the finish line. In event management you need to create a plan, have 10 backup plans, and chances are that you will end up scrapping everything and having to devise a completely different plan or improvise at the last minute… it is not a job for those who are not quick on their feet.

The most attractive aspect of Malta fashion week 2017 is that it takes place in a historical and cultural environment. I think this is not only beautiful but inspiring. It allows you not only to view the future through designers and their work, but it gives you the chance to see back into the past and admire the history that Malta holds. When entering the fort, it is almost as though you are walking into space where there is no time, as you witness the future and the past all at once.

Local & foreign talent at Malta Fashion Week 2017

Effacto, Italy

This is the first time I have come across Effacto, and it left me with a light and flowing feeling. Throughout the show, even though the items were very different from one another, they had one thing in common; light and loose feeling. When seeing the pieces being worn on the runway, the vibrant colours, the loose and freely fit items make you just want to try them on.

Blog on Life MFWA17 day 4 Effacto italian style Fashion
Blog on Life MFWA17 day 4 Effacto italian designer

I must admit, I do love my tight-fitted clothing, but I also love anything which gives me freedom and makes me feel like I can let loose and be taken over by the elements. And these items did give me that exact feeling. I particularly loved how many of the pieces were pretty simple to the eye, and yet seemed to be the right fit for many different occasions.

Blog on Life fashion MFWA17 day 4 Effacto
Blog on Life MFWA17 day 4 Effacto Italian Fashion Designer

The vibrant colours simply call out for you to let loose and give in to this calm and feathery feeling. You simply want to have this material roll off your skin.

Blog on Life MFWA17 day 4 Effacto Fashion

Eymeric Francois, Paris

I had the privilege to view Eymeric Francois‘ collection last year and was looking forward to seeing his collection at Malta fashion week 2017. The designer’s collection was simply pure artistry. It was very different from the previous collection, and yet still holds up to the one basic concept of the reflecting strength of a woman.

Poison reflected both strength and a touch of softness. Eymeric’s work hits any viewer like a strong wave of energy; starting from the beginning of the show with the music, the powerful catwalk, the direct and fierce eye contact of each model, and most importantly, the pieces of his creation.

Blog on Life Eymeric Francois MFWA17 day 4 French Designer
Blog on Life style MFWA17 day 4 Eymeric Francois

They are very bold and direct, but then you notice a soft touch to them. In the detail, you notice the lace and the silk, which even when put on a fiercely strong woman, show that part of her inner delicateness.

Blog on Life Fashion Eymeric Francois MFWA17 day 4
Blog on Life MFWA17 day 4 style Eymeric Francois

Human begins are hard to understand, and especially women. This designer seems to have taken on the understanding of women and their capacity for strength, and turned it into science which he reflects in every piece of his work. His work is filled with detail, emotion, desire, and passion. It is daring and as a viewer, it leaves you wanting more.

Blog on Life Eymeric Francois MFWA17 day 4

Ritienne Zammit, Malta

Ritienne Zammit is a Maltese designer and having to view her collection was a last-minute surprise for me last evening, one which I am very happy to have witnessed. Her collection I Love Valletta, was a mix of fashion styles from the past, neatly blended into modern style.

Blog on Life MFWA17 day 5 Ritienne Zammit Maltese designer
Blog on Life Ritienne Zammit Fashion MFWA17 day 5

I find this sort of approach quite daring, as fashion trends belong to certain times and there is a cultural and historical reason to many of the styles in regards to their era. So, it can be challenging to make something old work with something new. I am a big fan of historical styles, which may be due to my background in theatre. Unfortunately, we don’t come around those styles nowadays. So Ritienne’s collection most definitely tickled my tastebuds.

Blog on Life MFWA17 day 5 Ritienne Zammit style
Blog on Life MFWA17 day 5 maltese designer Ritienne Zammit

She used elements of the Maltese culture in her pieces, as well as combining a variety of sleeves that used to be worn in the past, such as; poet shirts and bell sleeves, among others. Although such styles for shirts are currently used, she maintained their characteristics by the use of lace which takes the outfit more towards the historical time than today.

The pieces are then spiced up with a modern touch of corsets, patterns and you find some of the dresses to fit just perfectly along with the entire figure. I will surely be looking out to see more of her work and I suggest you have a look for yourself!

Blog on Life Ritienne Zammit MFWA17 day 5 designer
Blog on Life designer Ritienne Zammit MFWA17 day 5

Mercedes Benz private reception

Last evening I attended the Mercedes Benz private reception, together with some of the organizers and participants of Malta fashion week 2017.

Firstly, let me begin by saying that the reception was fantastic! It was organized tip-top, with live music, food going around, seating, standing space, and displays of designers’ work. How can one not be happy when you find yourself in a fort that is around 500 years old, and you are surrounded by several Mercedes Benz cars and you have emerged into an environment with so many talented people around you? I am pretty sure that it is at such receptions, that some great artistic ideas for the future are given their first breath.

Malta fashion week in Malta is certainly the biggest fashion event on the island. But more importantly, it gives a chance for designers to showcase their creations to the public. Any occasion that gives artists the opportunity to show their creativity with the outer world, should certainly be supported and not be missed.

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