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Mangano – Spring/Summer 2018 & Fritz Von Weinsberg

Mangano Spring/Summer 2018 Lookbook is a collaborative project with Mangano Malta and Fritz Von Weinsberg.

Let me begin by saying, nothing says “Spring is here and summer is not too far behind” like the warmth in the breeze, flowers blooming and all the colours around us simply looking so much deeper! Followed by the fruits of the collaborative project, are 2 fashion events that I simply must mention.

Collaborative project: Mangano Spring/Summer 2018 & Fritz Von Weinsberg

I got the opportunity to present to you three different looks from this collection. This also gave me the chance to work with an incredibly talented landscape photographer Fritz Von Weinsberg, whose photographic technique is impeccable. I have never worked with a photographer who specializes in landscape photography, but I thought who else would be able to capture the beauty and vibe of Mangano’s items in a natural Maltese environment. Just one look at his work and you will understand why this clearly was not something I had to think about twice!

Blog on Life MANGANO Spring Summer 2018 photo Fritz Von Weinsberg

The Past and the Present

As previously mentioned, Mangano’s Spring/Summer collection 2018, certainly gives room for those who love fashion from different times in history. A combination of a 16th-century men’s styled shirt in a light mint colour (Lerwick blouse), with bright orange 1960’s high-waisted skinny fit trousers (Nadie trousers). But this look doesn’t stop there. The final touch of a black with floral print, floor long halter top which wraps over and opens in the front (Zihna top). A look is never final unless it is spiced up with accessories. For this look, the adorable Twiggy backpack bag.

Blog on Life MANGANO springsummer18 wrapover floral long top
Blog on Life Fashion MANGANO springsummer 2018 backpack
Blog on Life Fashion MANGANO photo by Fritz Von Weinsberg
Blog on Life Fashion MANGANO SS2018 photo Fritz Von Weinsberg

One-piece and comfort

I am personally a huge fan of jumpsuits. They are simple for the person wearing them, and visually always seem to look so appealing. My only problem is finding the right one piece. I always look for jumpsuits that are loose but fit perfectly. The Nosh jumpsuit, sky blue with a floral print, does just that! From the moment I saw it at the fashion show, everything about it looked perfect. With adjustable spaghetti straps, loose and flowing palazzo pants. On the waist you have a sash that allows you to tighten or loosen the waist area, giving you the freedom to choose how you want your final look to be. The finishing touch of a dark blue 1980’s men’s style blazer (Guinea jacket), gave this look the perfect combination of elegance meets comfort.

Blog on Life Fashion MANGANO photography Fritz Von Weinsberg
Blog on Life style MANGANO photo by Fritz Von Weinsberg
Blog on Life fashion springsummer 2018 MANGANO
Blog on Life MANGANO blazer photo by Fritz Von Weinsberg

Ruffles, high slits, and statements

As many of you know, I love statement items, because sometimes my hair is simply not enough to make a statement :), so I look for clothes that accentuate that statement. And this is definitely the look! Compiled of a dark navy sleek silk top with ruffles (Pavillon top), tucked in a high-waisted Duchesse skirt with a high front slit (Afrodite skirt). This skirt has a combination of black lines on white with floral prints. The high waist, although zipping from the back, fits perfectly as a waist corset belt. And for the cherry on the cake for the look, a bright orange cropped jacket (Torres jacket) with a shawl collar complements the ruffles of the top under.

Blog on Life Fashion MANGANO photography by Fritz Von Weinsberg
Blog on Life Fashion MANGANO blue gold clutch
Blog on Life Fashion MANGANO style Fritz Von Weinsberg


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