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Product review: Royale ambient taupe by Tubble

A collaborative product review with Tubble. The Royale ambient taupe has been tried in order to share a comprehensive product review.

When it comes to the decision between installing a bath or shower at home, it is always an inner debate, especially if you lack the luxury of space. For me, a shower was always the number one option due to the space factor and convenience. However, I have had the opportunity to experience the Tubble Royale air bath and I must say, I am happy to know there is a third alternative to this issue.


The concept of Tubble was born in Amsterdam and was created by Arnoud Kuipers, who realized that the market was in need of a bridging alternative. A flexible option that would make one no longer end up with just the option of bath or shower. Following the first Tubble, many tests were performed in order to shape the inflatable bath into the ultimate product. And the ultimate product it truly is.

Air baths by Tubble

The most remarkable aspects of the Tubble air baths are they are quick to set up, the flexibility to use it anywhere, and the comfort they provide.

The Tubble air baths come with a one-year warranty (on manufacturing defects). Tubble scores high on quality; made from 6-layers (0.4 mm) of Virgin PVC, 100% free of phthalates and has a durable lifespan.

Currently, there are 3 product options:

  • Tubble Royale – Blue Lagoon (156 cm length & 52 cm height)
  • Tubble Royale – Ambient Taupe (156 cm length & 52 cm height)
  • Tubble Compact – Ambient Taupe (140 cm length & 46 cm height)

Tubble air baths are suitable for water temperatures up to 45 °C and ice baths. What I also found surprising was how well the water temperature was kept inside the Tubble air bath. With normal baths, the water cools off quite fast, which is one of the reasons I am not a fan of them. The Tubble air bath maintained the temperature of the water for much longer, and the material of the air bath itself makes taking a bath so soothing and comfortable.

Whether you enjoy taking baths or happen to be in need of a bath, they are an inexpensive and incredible alternative. They are sturdy and can be used with kids and pregnant women. And can be set up both indoors as well as outdoors.

Tubble Royale ambient taupe

The Tubble Royale – Ambient Taupe package comes with the following components:

  • Tubble air bath
  • Storage bag
  • CE approved electric pump
  • A unique patented auto-inflator
  • Drain hose (120cm)
  • Repair kit
  • Instruction manual
Blog on Life Royale ambient taupe air bath by Tubble product review

Tubble air baths take less than 2 minutes to set up. You simply need to unpack the components followed by opening up the folded bath, connect the electrical pump to the 2 air plugs on the bath, and switch on the air pump. That’s it.

Once the air bath is inflatable and placed in the proper location, fill it up with water. Another point to note is to attach the drain hose (that is attached at the bottom of the air bath) prior to filling it with water. It is important that you should place the air bath exactly where you will want it to be. Firstly, the air bath with water will be impossible to move. Secondly, keep in mind the aspect of emptying the air bath. Unless you have a drain nearby you plan to place the drain hose into to pour out the bathwater, or you are on a balcony or terrace where you don’t mind the water pouring everywhere after use.

Now you are all set up and it is time to enjoy your Tubble.

When you are done and want to empty the water inside the air bath, simply pull out the plug found inside the bath, at the bottom on the right side. This will allow all the water to be released from the bottom (on the other end you would have the drain hose attached).

Should you wish to deflate your Tubble, you simply use the electrical inflator, but this time use the top opening, rather than the side one. You can also pull out the one-way security valves in order for the inflated air to come out of the air bath. The process of deflating is also very fast and you’ll find that your Tubble air bath is deflated and ready to be packed away into its storage bag in no time.

There isn’t anything extra that comes with the Tubble and all the components that come with it have a purpose. The 2 plugs where the air is pumped have one-way security valves that allow air to go in but not out, giving you time to unplug the air pump extension and close them up when inflating. The drain hose for the water allows you to contain and control where the water released from the air bath goes. The cover of the bath makes a perfect cover to maintain the temperature of the water. Also, the Tubble, when inflated is very light to carry, not to mention that the dimensions of the air baths would fit almost any bathroom, should you wish to use it as an alternative to a bath.

Blog on Life Royale ambient taupe air bath by Tubble

Overall review on Royale ambient taupe by Tubble

Everything has been thought of with Tubble. From the beautiful design to the compact packaging, to the incredibly fast setup, to the bottom mat of the bath being made from a soft material that gives support and protection and the integrated headrest to add to comfort. As mentioned earlier, the most incredible aspect of the product is how easy it is to set up, how flexible it is to use practically anywhere, and how well it maintains the water temperature which is another factor that adds to its comfort.

After having the opportunity to experience Tubble I can now say that I am even less of a fan of baths and most definitely a fan of the Tubble air bath. It is certainly a comfortable and flexible solution for baths, to be used both outdoors and inside a home.


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