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Shape of your face & sunglasses

How many of you took a minute to understand the shape of your face in order to figure out which sunglasses are the right choice for you? With so many different shapes and styles of sunglasses out there to choose from, how can one make the best possible choice?

The first step is to understand the shape of your face. This will allow you to pick out the best shape of the sunglasses which underline and highlight the best feature of your face, whilst also remaining stylish. Understanding the shape of your face is useful to make decisions on the type of hairstyles that will suit you as well as the type of makeup you can apply to really make your features shine.

Understanding the Shape of your Face

There are 6 main facial shapes:

Oval, Long, Round, Square, Heart, and Diamond.

The Oval shape

  • Face narrows down towards the chin
  • Wide forehead
  • High cheekbones

The Long shape

  • Face narrows down towards the chin
  • Chin having more of a pointy shape
  • Elongated forehead which gives an elongated feature from forehead to chin
  • Some may have high cheekbones

The Round shape

  • The width and length of the face is almost the same
  • More attention on the cheeks as they are wider than in other face shapes

The Square shape

  • Forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are almost in the same proximity
  • More attention is given to the sharp and square jawline

The Heart shape

  • Face narrows towards the chin
  • Chin tends to be pointier than in other face shapes
  • Slight jawline feature

The Diamond shape

  • The face tends to have a reverse triangular shape
  • The widest part of the face is at the temple area
  • Not as common compared to other face shapes

Exceptions to the general guidelines

Those are basic guidelines for getting an idea of the shape of your face, but there are exceptions.

Now although these are just some brief descriptions of the 6 face shapes, there are many other features that can be included in each of the shapes. Keep in mind that your face may fit the exact description of one of them, or you may have a face shape that has a little differentiation from two shapes that are quite similar. My face shape is mainly Diamond but I also have a slight bony jawline which is more apparent to a Heart face shape.

The shape of your face and Sunglasses

Cat Eye sunglasses

From my experience with shades, Cat Eye is always a winner for me as it compliments the shape of my face. The style tends to go quite narrow at the bottom of the sunglasses which are closest to your cheeks and go bigger on the top part of the sunglasses in the area of your eyebrows.

Blog on Life Fashion Cat Eye shape of your face and sunglasses

This style is perfect for me as I have very prominent cheekbones and some glasses which go too heavy in the cheekbone area tend to lean against my cheeks.

Blog on Life Fashion shape of your face and sunglasses Cat Eye

Also, apart from the cheekbone area, I have very long eyelashes, so I always make sure to get sunglasses that have quite a gap between the shades and the eyes. If they do not have that gap, my lashes tend to hit against the shades with every blink, which can get very annoying.

Square sunglasses

I am also a very big fan of very large and wide sunglasses. I got 2 pairs of shades that are categorized under the square style, although I found them very different. One pair was large but seems more circular, which is another shape I can never go wrong with. This shape is another one that gives my eyelashes enough space and since my temple area is relatively wide, this shape does not look that big on my face.

Blog on Life Fashion Sunglasses Large Oval Shape

The second pair is more square-shaped. I love the shape and the size, although since the shape of my nose is on the lengthy side, I would suggest this shape for those people who have a nose that is on the smaller side and have a wide temple area.

Blog on Life Lifestyle Fashion Sunglasses Square

Understanding the shape of your face will help you understand which features you should highlight when picking out sunglasses or getting a new hairstyle, or even choosing a makeup look.

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