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Hair tutorial: Straightening long wavy hair

Straightening long wavy hair can certainly be time-consuming and tricky. I have tried all sorts of tricks and all sorts of straighteners. I have come to the straightening routine which suits me best in terms of quality, time, and my own energy consumption. This hairstyling routine of straightening long wavy hair I will be sharing in this article.

On most days I am very happy with the way my hair is in its natural style. However, sometimes you just want a little change. The most obvious go-to change of style for someone like me is straightening long wave hair, as the result is pretty dramatic. Anyone who has long and wavy hair knows all too well just how different they look once their hair is straightened.

Straightening long wavy hair

Products used

  • Straightener
  • A heat protector
Blog on Life Beauty Hair Styling LOreal Elnett Satin Heat Protective Spray for Straightener

Hair sections and Heat Protective Spray

I usually divide my hair into 3 parts: 1/3 of my hair from the back till the region just above my ears, I then divide the remaining hair into two and fix them on each side on the upper part of the head.

I begin from the section at the back. I apply my L’Oreal Elnett Satin Heat Protective Spray to that entire section and then divide it into multiple sections.

Blog on Life Beauty Hair Styling Long Wavy and Thick Hair to Straight Hair

Hair twirling

For each smaller section, I twirl to make sure it doesn’t mix with the other sections. What I usually do is try to keep the natural grouping of the waves which form on their own together, so sometimes the sections can be different sizes.

Blog on Life Beauty Hair Styling LOreal Elnett Satin Heat Protective Spray
Blog on Life Beauty Very Long and Thick Hair self Styling

When I begin straightening the hair, I first separate the smaller twirled sections between the right and left sides of the head. Usually begin with the sections which are harder to reach, begin with the ones in the middle, and I work my way to the front of the right side of my head and the same with the left side.

Blog on Life Beauty how to straighten Very Long Thick Hair

Using a Comb with a Straightener

I use my Double Row Detangler hair comb together with my straightener. I brush through the section of hair and then go through it with the straightener. I usually do that twice for each section.

Blog on Life Beauty How To Straighten Very Long Hair
Blog on Life Beauty Technique How To Straighten Very Long Hair
Blog on Life How To Straighten Very Long Wavy Hair

Slowly making my way from the neck region, to the frontal region.

Blog on Life Hair Care Straighten Very Long Thick Hair
Blog on Life Beauty Straighten Very Long and Wavy Hair at home

Once I get to the section which was divided into half, I usually work on my side fully, until switching to the other side.

Blog on Life Beauty self styling Very Long and Wavy Hair

Cooling off the hair

Once the entire hair is done, I pass my fingers through the hair from the roots, to cool the hair and let it settle.

Blog on Life Beauty After Straightening Long and Thick Hair
Blog on Life Beauty After self Straightening Long Wavy Hair

Styling hair

When I straighten my hair, it takes approximately 40 minutes to do.

Here are the few reasons I like to straighten my hair:

  1. I am curious just how long my hair is, it’s hard to tell when it’s wavy.
  2. It is so much easier to take care of.
  3. I absolutely love the colour gradation that you can only see clearly when it’s straight.
  4. It definitely feels lighter.
  5. A change for my look.
Blog on Life beauty Styling Long Wavy Hair by Straightening


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