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This article is based on the translation of an article called ‘Today’s society ruled by “Rat Kings”‘.

Jaak Panksepp, a researcher, studied the behavior of adult rats towards the young rats in the situation of play fighting. It is without question that an adult rat can both outsmart and physically take on a young rat, however after observation, it was discovered that 30% of the time, the adult rat purposely lost to a young rat.

The adult rat would be approached by the younger rat, and not the other way round. This is similar, if not identical to the behavior human adults have towards their young in a playing environment. In most cases, adults do not compete with the young, but would rather lose a few games in order to stimulate the young to keep playing. The study showed that the adult rats had the ability to keep score and had a degree of fairness. The same as humans, the adult rats would intentionally lose 3 games out of 10 games. This helps the younger rat to remain engaged and stimulated. Jaak Panksepp mentioned that this sort of behavior from the adult rat may have come for two reasons. The first being that the adult rat wants to teach and stimulate the younger rat to keep playing and learning, which can only be done if the young rat can experience victory. The second reason being one from self-interest, that the adult rat enjoys being part of the game and loses to the younger rat, in order for that rat to want to come back to play the next time around.

Translation of Today’s society is ruled by “Rat Kings”

The following text has been directly translated from an article by Maestro in Russian.

The Rat King situation is one that involves the destruction of key nodes, the invisible foundations which form part of the social construction. In doing so, a fragmented atmosphere is created in which everyone thinks of only himself. In order to create such a structure, it is important to destroy the one key element which keeps people apart from such a social structure. This key element is morality. Morality is the main component that stands in the way for one person to betray another.

This situation was studied and clearly seen on rats. Rats are known for their incredible survival skills, but they are also social animals. They go together “on business”, help each other, protect one another, and if one gets wounded, others help the injured to make it back. Rats function and behave as a singular organism. They quickly exchange information with one another, warn of any danger, and transfer skills of protection. This shows that rats, in their community function as a unit, in which there is no individual benefit, but rather everyone inputs and benefits as a group.

Their protective mechanism is one of moral nature. One of the most effective ways to combat rats is based on the destruction of their protection. Since protection sits on the basis of morality, the method is ultimately based on the destruction of morality. Breaking someone’s morality is not a simple task, as, for some, their morality cannot be broken. But even for those whose morality may seem breakable, it is not an instant and immediate job. It is something that takes time and is gradual. To make this happen, it is essential to create an environment in which rational logic will replace morality and becomes a key for action. The main aim is to force the subject to take action, make that first step, and do something which before was an absolute taboo.

The “Rat Kings” experiment

This experiment was conducted on rats and went as follows:

Stage one

A large strong rat was taken and starved. In this state, a dead rat was introduced into confinement with the starved rat. It was observed that after hesitation, the starving rat eventually devoured the fellow rat. Rational logic suggests: it is no longer a living fellow rat, it is food. The rat no longer cared about anything but survival, meaning the main goal was to eat to survive.

Stage two

In the next stage, immorality rose higher. Another rat was given to the first rat. This new “food” was almost dead, but still alive. Again, rational logic suggests: it will die anyway, but I need to live. The rat once again eats his own kind to stay alive.

Stage three

During the third stage, a living and healthy rat was placed in confinement with the first rat. The rat once again turns on the rational logic algorithm: There is nothing else, what’s the use of us both dying? Let the strongest survive. And the first rat indeed survived.

One thing to note is that the rat took less time to make a decision at every stage. At the same time, the level of immorality with every decision increased. After a while, the rat did not even hesitate. The rat automatically treated the fellow rat as food. Not too long after, when a new rat was placed into confinement, the first rat automatically attacked and devoured the fellow rat. If you are wondering at which point did the rat’s morality break, it was in the moment when it no longer needed to think at all, whether to eat or not. It is at that moment when morality was broken.

The rat was then released back into the rat society, from where it was taken from, but this rat was no longer like the rest. It was now a creature with no morality. In its actions, it was a creature guided by the logic of selfishness, but the others were unaware of this. They accepted the rat back as one of their own and trusted the rat completely.  The creature, which resembled a rat, came to the idea “Why look for food somewhere if it is found all around, warm and fresh”. Rational logic determined the nature of that action. The rat chose to prey and devour its own kind. Very soon the rat came to the conclusion that the best option was not to openly attack and devour, but to do it secretly from the rest. The next time this rat lured its victim into a secluded place and devoured it.

When the rat community had no doubt that a wolf in sheep’s clothing was amongst them, the rats changed their environment. The animals seemed to be afraid of getting affected by the creature’s affliction or somehow getting poisoned by the transformed rat. They were afraid to become just like it. Instinctively they felt that if they were to absorb this new attitude, they would create a society without rules, a society of traitors, a consumer society that will destroy the mechanism of social protection and they will eventually all die.

The question arises: Why did the rat community leave? Why did they not simply destroy the creature?

In this behavior, too lays the profound meaning. Their collective mind, which in this case can be considered as instinct, realized that the killing would have to be attended by the strongest individuals, the elite of society. Who knows what will happen to them when they bite into the living flesh of an immoral fellow? Would they too become infected?

Even rats do not want to live in a civil society built on constant war with one another. Rats are smarter than humans. Fairly fearing that the rational logic of egoism will spread within the rat elite, so instead, they changed their environment.

If we fantasize and imagine that today’s society has not abandoned the immoral fellow, but remained with this creature “rat”, it is easy to assume that the rat would infect the elite with its rational logic. Also, I would think of how to do this step-by-step and imperceptibly, in full accordance with the logic. Instead of one “Rat King”, there would appear to be a whole cast of such “mutants”. They would be without principles and would quickly defeat the traditional elite. Then they would find a way to give the new order the status of justice and legality. If we completely let go of the reins of fantasy, logically leads us to the formation of a democratic society. The members of the new society would themselves choose those who will eat in today’s society.

The rats will save themselves from such a transformation due to the lack of what humans understand as freedom. They were guided by their instinct and saved themselves in a way that humans, powerful intellectual beings, would not have. It is this instinct that determines that food is not the main aim of their society, but morality is.  For the sake of their integrity, they left and distanced themselves from the source of infection in their community. As they hold on to their morals and values, the rats remain as a single society with a traditional scale of values, and eventually a surviving species.

Human society does not have such an instinct, but as a society is also based on morality. Without morality, the whole construction becomes a mountain of garbage, where each rubs against one another and turns into dust, meaning that you lose yourself and become nothing. For today’s society, the last stage of demolition is the moment when it turns into no more than unrelated individuals. It becomes an atomized society, human dust, building material for new world order. The destruction of today’s society is carried out in a similar manner to that of the rat in the experiment mentioned above. The end result is the same, the destruction of morality.

The consumer society teaches: there is no such a thing as ‘your own’ in nature. We are all strangers and everything is potential food. Optimal food is the one that is the closest by proximity and considers itself to be safe in your surrounding. The one who does not suspect that you are in reality that monster. She or he believes you and you reap it.

Such monsters, “Rat Kings” are becoming more and more visible in today’s society. These are the worst of the worst predators. They unite in groups, treating their own as cattle (food). They have learned how to mask themselves well, that to others they look truer than their uninfected compatriots. The same as with the rat, they discover the “truth”, that one can build their happiness on someone else’s misfortune, they, without thought, “devour” others openly. From our screens flow the promises of freedom and equality. From the very beginning, the monster “King Rats” was never planning to fulfill its promises. To them, these words were a means to ‘lure’ their food. They use beautiful words to disguise their brutal plans for the rest. With every year, they gain strength, become stronger, more resourceful, and dangerous. They have learned to camouflage themselves so that they look even better than their honest fellows. But if you focus on actions, rather than the noise that comes from their mouths, it is easy to see the essence of these creatures.

They focus all their mind and will towards a narrow selfish view. They forgot how to think in terms of society. They think only for themselves and their offspring. There are many of them, they have bred between one another and their numbers are constantly growing. They divided themselves into small and large groups, breaking the country into hunting grounds and feeding places.

The small “rats”, who are struggling in the criminal sector find themselves in a situation and reason: “Here lies a drunk, in his pocket there is money. Someone will surely take it. Why not me?” And the money is taken.

Next time, that same “rat” will take the money from a half-drunk person. This time the explanation is: “He is drinking but I need the money for the right things”.

The same “rat” will then come to a conclusion that: “If everyone does not have enough money, everyone will live badly and then it will be survival of the strongest”. Next time around, the “rat” will look for a victim, beat and rob the victim.
In the absence of morality, there is nothing to stand in the way of this logic.

“Rat Kings” in society’s sectors

In the business sector, logic allows one to think that a person can be fired, thrown out into the streets. The course of this thought is clear: “If I do not throw them out, I’ll go out of business and eventually will end up on the streets myself, with that person. That person will end up on the street, either way, better them than me”, and that person gets fired.
The second stage: “Let them work but I won’t cover their wage, otherwise I’ll go out of business, and eventually all of us will end up on the streets. These people will end up on the streets either way, better them than me”, resulting in delayed payments.

The third stage: An entrepreneur consciously began to make products that are harmful to consumers. The entrepreneur tells him or herself that: “If they were to think of the wellbeing of others, they would go out of business. Consumers should think of their own health”. For the entrepreneur, consumers were nothing more than warm living meat which makes its way into the entrepreneur’s plate all on its own.

In the political sector, the first scrap is the eating of a corpse just like the monster rat did. First comes a promise of unrealistic goals. The logic is: “If I do not promise something, I will not be chosen. Someone else will be chosen, worse than me”. Whoever is eventually chosen, the public is deceived either way. In one case you find yourself amongst the fools who weren’t elected, and in another case, you are amongst those who were chosen.

The next stage, the devouring of a living and healthy fellow, the lobbying of laws that are detrimental to today’s society. The logic is: “If you refuse to participate in the direct robbery of society, it will still be robbed by others”. The cannibalistic law will still be pushed forward, and that being so, what difference does it make through whom it will be done? “Better through me than through anyone else”.

Today, the political public sector is a bunch of “rats” of the third stage. They have nothing to be feared and it is all only business to them.

Those on the higher levels of the system, do not even blush or think twice when devouring someone.
At the top levels, mediated cannibalism occurs, which in itself is still cannibalism. It is on such a scale that the lower levels could not even dream of. The money received in the ways described above is the grief of others, suffering, and death. If the “rats” shine their fat, then someone must have lost their lives in the process. It only seems that the weak parted only with their wallets. These processes actually lead to the physical death of the weakest members of today’s society. It is easy to verify this by looking at the dynamics of death and fertility.

Many countries are dying under the rule of the monster “Rat Kings”. One cannot blame people for not linking corruption and the lack of principles to personal grief and personal problems. Too long of a chain is formulated. Intuitively, they realize that they are being fooled, but are not sure from where and how. That is why an elite is needed so that the strong can protect the weak. The situation needs to be urgently corrected by introducing a law on the responsibility of those in power. There is currently, no liability with the punishment provided in advance.

Today’s Society

From everyday life, this theory is not that hard to notice. In Malta, the business sector, mainly the gaming industry is a pretty good example. In most countries, the gambling industry is illegal, for obvious reasons as the business makes money from others gambling it away. Creating a comfortable feeding ground that grows on the gamblers in today’s society is just what many see on the surface. This industry, in addition, also creates an environment for companies that either seek out ex gamblers to bring them back into the game as well as companies that study human behavior and pick out those that have the characteristics of gamblers to then ‘help’ them step over that line and become their ‘clients’.

For some people, working in such an industry many see nothing wrong as they view it as a business that pays. Many question the industry from the aspect of morality. They know that working in such a business would mean that they support and add profits by feeding the company with the money others gamble away.

Those same people face stage 1 mentioned above. Some stand by their morals and accept the fact that just because their job may not deal with gamblers directly, their input adds and feeds the industry. Others tell themselves quite the opposite “It is just a job. These gamblers will gamble their money away anyway, so better if I can make money out of it and not someone else”.

In the political aspect, a simple example is one that happened in Georgia in 2011. When the acting president changed the constitution that no Georgian with dual citizenship can keep their Georgian citizenship if it was not the final citizenship acquired. This meant that any Georgian whose first citizenship was Georgian automatically lost that citizenship and had to re-apply for it.

This was done to disregard his opponent. His opponent had to reapply for citizenship to be able to run in the presidential election. Ironically, he won and to this day his party is in power. At that time, the president used his presidential power to fix the constitution to fit him best. He did not think about the country, nor about the citizens. He created huge problems for many of the citizens without a care in the world. The irony is that today, his opponent’s party is still in power, and is continuing with the same misuse of power to make sure to keep him as far away from the presidential chair as possible.

These are just the simplest of examples of how those in power twist and turn rules for their own personal agenda. There is no library large enough to carry the stories of world leaders that used the law for their own advantage. Just like with wars and the universal truth that stands behind each war. Wars are never classified as murder, but rather a necessary need for a nation and everyone who participates in it to stand for their country and feel proud about it. At its core, every war is about greed that comes from the one in power and is delivered by piles of bodies.

If you take the time and look around at today’s society, you will notice the cracking of morality all around you. The laws today and changes that are being implemented are not for the interest of a nation or the citizens, but to suit the agenda of those placed into power. It is up to every individual whether they will tell themselves that it’s ok to go against their morality or not, just keep in mind that once that road is crossed, it really is a one-way road from there onwards, as not many manage to make their way back.

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