Blog on Life social event TogetherIsBetter by Grazielle at Fino

Social event TogetherIsBetter by Grazielle at Fino

I had the opportunity to attend the second edition of the social event TogetherIsBetter by Grazielle. It took place last evening at the Fino showrooms in Mriehel and was not only the second successful event of its kind but was literally 3 times bigger than the first. Firstly, let me go through the concept of this event.

Social event TogetherIsBetter by Grazielle

Grazielle, a well-known blogger, influencer, tv presenter, businesswoman, mum, and The Master of Multitasking (an unofficial title that I personally give her), has brought people from all walks of life together under one roof for one evening. Unlike the majority of events in Malta, the social event TogetherIsBetter, as the name clearly states, does not spotlight just one person or brand, but rather gives everyone in attendance a chance to explore, mingle and connect with people that they may or may not have had the chance to meet on other occasions.

If you are telling yourself, this event can’t simply be to connect people and there must be some agenda behind it, well you are correct. There is one. The social event TogetherIsBetter is an opportunity for everyone to help those that truly need support. Anyone who knows Grazielle knows that she is a person with a strong character and an immensely big heart. There is no way that Grazielle would simply create an event without there being a goal for this event to help others. All donations collected during the events were passed on to help the Fra Diegu Home, which is an orphanage in Hamrun. The main goal of the social event is to remind us that if we were all to even give a little bit, together we can make a huge impact on someone’s life.

TogetherIsBetter Mission Statement:

TogetherIsBetter is the name we have given to our 2018/2019 humanitarian campaigns which are aimed to bring volunteers, companies or investors together to spread positive messages, awareness and create opportunities for persons who are willing to offer their skills, their energy or simple some of their time to help someone else who needs it. We need more love in this world and we are here to spread some with your help.

Networking and building connections

Today we are constantly bombarded with adverts everywhere we look on tv, radio, our phones, and on the roads. There is such a huge choice of products and services. Due to this, it is also the case that connections between brands and customers have become surfaced and some may go so far as to say are taken for granted. The relationship between the audience and the creator seems to have a huge gap of interference and in order to get a clear line of communication, it is essential to go back to basics and simply connect directly. The concept of the social event TogetherIsBetter creates the perfect atmosphere to allow for such a clear line of connection to happen.

The way this connection happens is by giving brands and businesses a chance to showcase their products and services in a very personal manner and to truly get to know potential customers. As for the attendees, they get to meet people from a diversity of industries and to spend an evening with delicious treats and full glasses whilst communicating and exploring what other creatives or businesses have to offer in today’s market.

First edition

The first edition of the social event TogetherIsBetter was a Ladies social event that was held on Friday 15th February 2019. There were 100 people in attendance and it was a very personal gathering. The following were all participants that allowed the first edition to be a success and kept us all waiting for the next edition:

Blog on Life TogetherIsBetter by Grazielle first edition

Second edition

Last evening, Friday 17th May 2019, was time for the second edition of the social event TogetherIsBetter. This time around there were 300 attendees, triple the amount from the first event! The setup was also bigger and there was more to show and share. The following are all participants of the second edition of the social event TogetherIsBetter:

Blog on Life TogetherIsBetter by Grazielle second edition

Participate & attend the next TogetherIsBetter social event

Should you wish to find out more about the social event TogetherIs Better or should you wish to attend the next edition, please send an email to Grazielle as this event is strictly by the guest list.

An event unlike others & not to be missed

A very special thank you to Grazielle for making such an event a reality. Thank you to every single person that has put in the energy and time to make these evenings so unforgettable for each of us. Your hard work has certainly paid off and I for one look forward to the next one.


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